Filtering by a sum NL function


Trying to build a report that will show all items and item variants with a quantity <0 by location.
I'm stuck on filtering by a sum NL Function from the item ledger entry table.

Currently I'm bringing in the location code "=NL("rows=4","Location","Code","Code",$C$3), followed by the variant "=NL("rows=3","Item Variant Registration","Variant","Location Filter",$I12), then I would like to show all item no.'s in that location, with that variant who's quantity on hand is less than 0.

Cannot get the nested NL fn filter to work properly. I tried "'=NL("Rows","Item","No.","=NL(""Sum"",""Item Ledger Entry"",""Quantity"",""Item No."",NF(,""No.""),""Location Code"",$I12,""Variant Code"",$H12)","<>0"), but with no success. Know I am doing something incorrect.

Any help is appreciated!


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