Jet Express for Word FAQs

About Jet Express for Word

Jet Express for Word is a free document reporting solution for Microsoft Dynamics NAV. It was developed through a partnership between Jet Reports and Microsoft.


Jet Express for Word is available to Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 (and higher) users. This new feature makes it easy for end users to design documents in Microsoft Word.


With Jet Express you can make changes to an invoice or credit memo in Microsoft Word — no programming required. You can use document templates that we provide, templates from the Office Store, or create a document from scratch. Add company logos, change fonts, modify fields and customize for multiple regions easily.


The simple interface allows you to customize or create document layouts using Microsoft Word. Your fields appear in clear text, and the search feature makes it quick to add the field you need. Starting with Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015, new functionality in Dynamics NAV allows you to import these document layouts into NAV and run them from within the NAV client.


Where can I download Jet Express for Word?

You can download Jet Express for Word from our website at https://jetexpressforword.jetreports.com


The Jet Express for Word installation set includes

- The Jet Express for Word add-in for Microsoft Word 2013 (and higher)

- Sample reports and documents

- An .fob file containing four sample reports. NAV 2015 (and higher) Administrators can import this .fob file into a NAV database to provide users a set of sample reports.


Video training for Jet Express for Word on NAVUG

There's a detailed video training on how to use Document Reporting and Jet Express for Word available from NAVUG at




In addition, here are two more videos to help you use Jet Express for Word…


This is a short introduction to creating Word reports for Dynamics NAV using Jet Express for Word: http://go.jetreports.com/expresswordintro


And here are instructions for creating your own report layouts with MS Word and Jet Express for Word and including those in your Dynamics NAV: http://go.jetreports.com/expresswordlayout


Where can I find the report templates that are included?

When you download the Jet Express for Word installation from the Jet Express for Word download page, two sets of templates are included (in six languages - Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, and Spanish).


Each set contains a template for the following reports:


14125500 - Orders

14125501 - Invoices

14125502 - Credit Memos

14125503 – Quotes


How to create a dataset optimized for a Word layout report

This video from Microsoft describes how to create a dataset optimized for a Word layout report




What do I need to install?

There are two components of Jet Express for Word


1) The Jet Express for Word add-in for Microsoft Word.

Anyone who wants to create or modify Word layouts will want to install this add-in. It is available as a click-once installation by clicking the "Free Download" button on the Jet Express for Word website.



2) Microsoft Dynamics NAV business objects.

There are a set of four reports which were created to make it very easy to get started with Jet Express for Word. These include a Sales Invoice, Sales Order, Sales Credit Memo and Sales Confirmation. The design of these reports make them very easy to use with Jet Express for Word. These reports must be imported into the Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 (or higher) database by an Administrator who has permissions to use the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Development Environment. The report IDs for these are 14125500-14125503.


These are available as an .fob file by clicking the "Free Download" button on the Jet Express for Word website at:



Where can I get more pre-made Word reports?

You can download a set of sample reports from the Jet Express for Word website. https://www.jetreports.com/jet-express-for-word/


I have several companies in NAV.  Can I use different layouts?

Yes. You can have different layouts of the same report number for each of your companies.


Inside your NAV client you can select the layout of each report in the Report Layout Selection window.

Pick your desired company and then select your preferred layout.


Can I have multiple layouts for a report?

Yes. You can create and save as many custom layouts as you want for a report.


Do Word Reports support all Microsoft Word features?

Some features available in Microsoft Word are not supported with Word Reports. Word Art and Table of Contents are two features which aren’t.


Will I be able to replace all my NAV RDLC reports with Word?

Probably not. Microsoft Word is not suitable for complex precision layout or very large documents. Conditional controls are not supported. RDLC is still a stronger foundation for many reports.


What are the software requirements for Jet Express for Word?

Jet Express for Word requires

- Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 (or higher)

- Office 2013 (or higher) desktop edition


As user, where can I get additional help using Jet Express for Word?

Jet Express for Microsoft Dynamics NAV is a collaboration between Microsoft and Jet Reports to provide Microsoft Dynamics® NAV customers additional value through improved simplified document creation in Microsoft Word(R). It is available at no charge for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 (or higher) customers who are on Perpetual pricing plans.


The Jet Express for Word community site is the primary venue for end user support for Jet Express for Word. It is a community based question and answer forum that encourages users to ask and answer questions. This site is dedicated to Jet Express for Word. Please click here to access the Community site support forum



If you are a Jet Reports customer who is using Jet Professional or Jet Enterprise, please visit our support site at https://support.jetreports.com


If you are using the Excel add-in Jet Express for NAV please visit our support site at https://jetsupport.jetreports.com/hc/en-us/community/topics/115000519488-Jet-Express-for-Word


On the Jet Express for Word community site, questions are raised and primarily answered by the user community.  The support staff will attempt to let the community support itself, but if technical support questions are not answered within 48 hours, a member of the support staff will respond.

Some topics that are considered to be technical support issues are:

• Questions about software compatibility and hardware requirements

• Issues regarding Jet Express for Word installation

• Jet Express for Word error messages


Global Contacts

Jet Reports provides sales and support through its regional offices across the globe. For contact information in your region, please visit-



Product Roadmap

Jet Reports is committed to maintaining compatibility between Jet Express for Word and Microsoft Dynamics NAV. As Microsoft adds new features to NAV, Jet Reports will update the Jet Express for Word product to ensure product compatibility.


Mainstream support end date

Mainstream support for Jet Express for Word will continue through at least 10/1/2019.


As Microsoft Dynamics NAV partner, where can I get additional help using Jet Express for Word?

Microsoft Dynamics NAV partners are encouraged, but not required to provide support for their end users. Partners will have access to all end user level services and resources and will in addition, have access to the following:


Jet Reports Support Site

Partners will also be provided access to the Jet Reports Support site https://support.jetreports.com.  This contains access to create support tickets. If you are a Microsoft Dynamics NAV partner and don't have access to the Jet Reports Support site, please contact your local Jet Reports representative. A listing of our global contacts is available at http://www.jetreports.com/contact/corporate-and-global-locations.php


Support tickets can be submitted 24 hours a day 7 days a week. A technical support representative will be monitoring this site Monday to Friday, 7 AM to 4 PM Pacific Time, except on holidays. We will attempt to answer your support ticket within 24 hours of receiving it. If the support ticket was submitted during after hours, you will hear from us the next business day. We guarantee a response within 48 hours and where possible, will attempt to respond in the partner’s native tongue. If our support staff needs to use a translation engine to provide this service, we will respond in both English and the language of choice for the partner.


For issue escalation please contact Matt Wilson at jetsupport@jetreports.com | (01) 503-608-3614


Partner Requirements

Partners must be Microsoft Dynamics NAV partners and must provide enough contact information so that we can respond if needed. They also need to agree to a fair use policy that prohibits them from actively soliciting business or blatantly advertising on the forums.



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