Using Grouping Columns=X

I'm hoping to get some direction with the following

I wrote this function:  =NL("columns=8","PBN","PBN","DataSource=","Oracle","GRP_NBR",$G11,"INSURER",$C$5).  It didn’t return all of the PBN’s as you can see in the “PBN Table” below.  I was hoping for it to return PBN 1 – plan type CI; PBN 2 –plan type CI; PBN 3 – plan type CI; PBN 4 – plan type CI; PBN 5 – plan type CI; PBN 2 – plan type II; PBN 4 – plan type II; PBN 5 – plan type II;


It only goes to PBN 2 –plan type CI


This is the function for plan type: =NL("first","PBN","PLAN_TYPE","DataSource=","Oracle","GRP_NBR",$G11,"INSURER",$C$5,"PBN",$I11)


How can I get all of the PBN’s & plan types to appear?

Report result below



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