Disappearing Cubes, Advanced Dimension Editor Issues

Hi there,

Jet Enterprise rookie here, with two issues I'm hoping someone can help with!

First - I've added an existing Dimension to my Inventory Cube, and linked it with a Key (Vendor). I can see the data I've added to the Cube through the Cube Browser, and it Validates successfully. I've also done a full "Deploy and Execute", followed by the default "Update Project" which I understand also includes a Deploy & Execute. Since doing this modification, I can no longer see this Cube in Excel and have no idea why.

Next - when using the Advanced Dimension Editor to add one of our NAV Shortcut Dimensions to our Sales Cube, I'm only seeing two (!) Shortcut Dimension values being successfully linked to either Sales Lines or Posted Sales Invoice Lines. 

Any help would be hugely appreciated :)



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