Scheduler and Copying Down Hidden Fields


Normally when we do a report which will be scheduled, we use the NP("EVAL") formula on any fields that are copied down from hidden fields to avoid the #REF errors. For example, instead of "=F9", we use NP("EVAL","=F9") for numbers or NP("EVAL","="""&F9&"""") for text. In this case, I am copying down the Posting Date value, and neither of the NP("EVAL") formulas seem to work for a date. If I use NP("EVAL","=F9"), I get only the first value for date repeating for every row. If I use NP("EVAL","="""&F9&""""), I get the number value for the date (i.e. 43035) repeating the same value for every row. Does anyone know of another way to copy down date fields? 



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