Problem uninstalling Jet Express

I downloaded the latest installer package as of 28 sept. 2011. Because I needed to simulate the installation procedure, to document it for my colleagues, I tried uninstalling Jet Express, so I could reinstall.

This proved somewhat difficult. I can launch the uninstaller from the control panel, I get the confirmation dialog, asking if I want to uninstall. I confirm, and I'm taken to the default InstallShield wizard screen.
This windows does not move, nor does it use the CPU for a good 8 minutes. At first I thought something went wrong, so I checked the Windows Installer service, which was running. Excel was closed, there were no rogue EXCEL.EXE processes running, nor was any other Office application running. I had to kill the uninstall process through the task manager.

I retried uninstalling, except this time I just fathomed some patience, because the SETUP.EXE process just sits there for a good amount of time, but it never becomes unresponsive (if you leave it alone). After about 10 minutes, the uninstaller kicked in and uninstalled the application in about a minute's time.

Is this delay a bug, or am I doing something wrong that might get in the way? I have to add that I uninstalled a Jet Essentials before installing Jet Express.

System specs:
OS: Windows 7 Enterprise - 64 bit
Office: Office 2010 - 64 bit

Upon reinstalling, I face the same issue. The installer just sits there, not using any CPU. This time it laste just around 9-10 minutes as well.
I'm no sure if I had this problem upon the first installation, I had to launch the installer and leave for a meeting.

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