Possible Permissions Issue

We have been using Jet Express for approx. 1 year without issue. In December our non administrator uses were receiving errors when running their reports:
]The pivot table 'PivotTable2' could not be refreshed. The following error was reported: 'Reference is not valid'.

Upon testing the connection the error received:
The url 'http://xx.xx.x.xx:7047/DynamicsNAV70/WS/MMCC/Services' is not valid. The following error was reported: The remote server returned an error:(500) Internal Server Error.

After 3 days users were again able to run reports without issue. We assumed it must have been a windows update.

Since Jan 5th users are again unable to run reports and get same errors. All users in IT dept can run reports and if you log into any PC under network admin you can run reports however if you give user admin privileges reports still will not run.


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