Probable Bug in NL Function LinkField

In the past I have modified NAV017 - Accounts Receivable Summary standard Jet Reports Express report by adding some additional periods.
A bit later I added a Salesperson Code field from Customer table. Today the customer asked me to add also the Salesperson Name. I inserted NL Link function from Customer to Salesperson/Purchaser Table. Then I added the another "InclusiveLink Filter to the NL Table function. So far everything was OK. However, as soon as I add a new column using NL LinkFIeld function, I get a #VALUE! error in NL Table Function with the following message: Invalid Field "Sifra prodajalca" (the string in quotes is SLV translation of Salesperson Code).

I have tried both SLV and 000 Display languages. I have tried using both original field names and SLV translations of fields.
I have tried creating a simplified version of NAV017 report with same tables: Customer, Detailed Cust.Ledg.Entry and Salesperson/Purchaser Code. While in this new file the data are correctly retrieved from NAV, even if I copy-paste relevant NL functions into my modified NAV017 version of report to avoid any typing errors, NL Table Function always returns the Invalid FIeld error. However, if I add a column with a new field from the Customer table, such as Post code, there is no problem.

I believe the problem is in the interpretation of caption language in the NL LinkField function with NAV2013R2. I have tried NAV2013R2 databases with captions in the objects (the old way) and with captions in the translation file with no ML captions in objects.
I use Jet Express for Dynamics NAV 2013 Update 1 14.1.14133.0 (32-bit) on one machine and 14.4.14114.0 (64-bit) on another.


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