Invalid Filter on Report NAV035 NAV035 - Enterprise - Sales

I am new with Jet and have recently managed to install Jet on my machine. I have accessed the report player report NAV035 but whenever i try to refresh this report it gives me an error on the NL Function
=NL("CubeValue";"Sales";"[Measures].[Sales Amount]";"Filters=";$D$4:$E$6;"[Posting Date].[Date YQMD].[Day]";$E$61;"DataSource=";Datasource). IF I edit the function and evaluate, I get the error Invalid Filter "Startdate.. End Date", which is a date range to be used in my report. The cell outputs #VALUE for all such cells. I have checked my regional settings for the date format and all that seems to be consistent with the date format on my machine. Urgently assist as i am needing to deploy reports to users.


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