Performance issues using webservices in Azure


We have a Nav 2015 installed in an Microsoft Azure environment. One applicationserver and one sql server.
Appserver is a 4 core with 28 gigs of ram, and the sqlserver is a 2 core with 14 gigs of ram.

I'm using webservices to connect Jet express to NAV and when trying to update a regular sized report i can take 30+ minutes and almost always ends up with a timeout.
While monitoring the appserver I can see that the Jetexpress webservice calls utilizes 1 core for 100% for the whole period of time.
The sql server idles at 3-5% load.
If I connect with RDP to the appserver and then run the report direct towards the sql database, instead of web services, the same report takes about 3-4 minutes.

These times are when noone else are utilizing the servers at all.

I made a replica of that azure environment within my VMWare workstation on my laptop, connecting to that one with the same report took 3 minutes to update.

Does anyone have any experience with performance issues in Azure like the ones mentioned above?

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