GP subtraction formula

I am trying to create a report that creates a separate tab for each cost center (segment 1). It will also produce all accounts with data for that cost center but needs to exclude a few accounts. I tried using the formula =GL("Rows","Accounts",,,,,C15,D15)-GL("Rows","Accounts",,,,,C15,7100,"00100..00190").
But I get an error that says The function in cell $F$15 is not a valid replicator. Ensure that the replicator function is the only text in the cell. F15 is where the formula is.

I have run this report successfully for the first half of the equation (before minus sign) and also successfully for the 2nd half of the equation (after minus sign).
On the first half, C15 refers to sheets for the first segment and I’m wondering if that’s causing an issue. D15 is referencing all 5*|6*|7*|8*|. That works perfectly.
On the 2nd half, C15 is the same, but I'm specifically noting that segment 2 is 7100 and segment 3 is the range 00100 to 00190.

We use MS Great Plains. If you can help me with this formula, I'd appreciate it. Thanks.


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