Series in charts based on jet data


I have created several reports with charts, but I didn't succed yet in creating one based on two dimensions.

Example: a period (time) in columns, and a product group in rows. The data is stock.
Now, I don't succeed on generating diffirent series per row…

I select this data: (dummy's are hidden)

Month 12 Dummy M
GEREED 2027 0
dummy group 0 0

The user can choose the number of periods, and it creates a correct chart for that but when I run this, it wants to make 2 series:
"GEREED" and "dummy group", dummy group is hidden so I'm left with one series, while two others are insterted in the table but not in the chart…

Does anyone has a succes with this kind of table in a chart (any chart)? I know there is a lot of diffirence between charts in 2007 and 2003.

Thanks in advance,



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