Using matrix (array) calculations in excel

Hi all,
Unsure if it's just me, but I can't seem to find a way around this; apparently Jet is not very fond of array calculations (hitting shift-ctrl-enter, formulas with curly braces). Problem is as follows, excel's countif etc. don't work with more than one condition, so array formulas need to be used (i.e. {=SUM(IF(A1:A2=0;IF(B1:B2="Invoice";1;0);0))} [curly brackets done by excel]). Now, this works fine when going to report mode, but when switching back to design mode all curly braces are removed and excel no longer understands this to be an array function but a malformed general function.
Question: is there a way around this that i haven't thought of yet or are array functions somehow not supported by jet?


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