How do I translate =NP("Eval") into the correct language

This is a question that came into support and I wanted to make sure that our answer was the best answer. The problem is as follows;

When using the formula =NL("Eval","=NU()")the =NU() does not translate to various languages. For example,
=NP("Eval","=JETZT()") =NP("Eval","=AHORA()") =NP("Eval","=NOW()") are all the same function, but in different languages. This is normally not an issue for Excel formulas, as Excel will translate the formula correctly as you move from one language to another, but when using the NP("Eval"), Excel doesn't recognize the formula and doesn't translate it. How to resolve this, so you can write the workbook in one language and have the formula evaluated in any language.

What I've suggested is to have all the NP("Eval") formulas, one in each language, and use the Excel DMAX() function to select the formula that returns a value. Attached is an example report.

Please let me know if this report doesn't workbook doesn't work in your language (English, Dutch, German, Spanish) or if you have a better solution to resolving this issue.

Thank you,

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