Delete hidden Rows in a report

Hi there, I am a new member here and have a question:

I have created a report that shows me the stocks of my items in the warehouse.
Since having a lot of items (some 3.000) and only having stocks or movements on 200 items during the defined weekly period I use the function “hide” to hide the information that is not relevant for the report.

Information is hidden if following applies:
==> Field 1: 0 Stock level on the e.g. 01.02.2009
==> Field 2: 0 Stock level on the e.g. 08.02.2009
==> Field 3: No movements on this item during the period e.g. 01.02.09..08.02.09

(excel formula: if field 1+2+3 = zero; "hide"; "show")

Is there a possibility to program a report which would delete all rows with a 0.00 on all 3 fields (instead of hiding the rows which automatically leads to a huge excel file)?



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