Separate data in 2 columns instead in 1 long row

I would like to create a phone list in Jet Reports. However I do not want all data in 1 column, but I'd like to spread the data in 2 colums. In the first column(s) I would like to report the phone numbers (and names) of persons of which the name starts with an A to K. In the second column(s) I would like to see the phone numbers (and names) of persons with name starting with L to Z.
I have tried to use the function NL("Rows";"Employee"…;"Name";"A..L") in cel C2 and the same function NL("Rows";"Employee"…;"Name";"L..Z") in cel E2, but I do not get unique records, but several copies of one record.
Is it possible to use the row function in differtent cels but in the same row?
I also want to make a "birthday calendar" separated in 2 columns (in stead of one long row)…
Can anyone help me?

Saskia Kuijer


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