Calculating Inventory Turns by Store

I am trying to get inventory turns for all my stores. I am using the formula of cost of sales / average inventory = turns.
my first formula for cost of sales is… =Gl("Balance",7010,L$5,L$6,,$F15,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,$B$5) where 7010 is COS acct. number from P&L, L5 L6 is beg & ending dates for the year, F15 is my store numbers, B5 my database company.
My second formula for average inventory (where my trouble begins) is…
=Gl("Balance",(3000+$F15),M$5,M$6,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,$B$5) where my account number from the balance sheet is 3000+ the store number i.e. store number 1 is 001… 3000+001 = 3001 and so on. M5M6 my dates. I think I know that my problem is from the P&L I can get a total sum but it doesn't work for my balance sheet. I really need an average of the ending balance from each month and have tried numerous combinations and formulas with no results.
To add to my problem, when i select "function wizard" for this last formula i get error message "The function you are attempting to edit contains more than the maximum number of allowed arguments." Can't tell you how frustrated I am getting this late in the day trying to make this work and I know it has to be simple.


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