Consolidation accounts / different companies

Hi all,

Two more questions:

1. For a new report I should calculate the balance of all accounts which have the same consolidation account. For example I should have the sum of the balances for the cash accounts 10201, 10202, 10203, 10204 and 10205 (all with consolidation accounts 10200) in one cell. If I choose the General Ledger Entries, I cannot filter the consolidation account. What I want to have is somethin like this:

=NL("Summe";"GLEntry";"Amount";"Company=";C7;"Posting Date";F8;"Consolidation Account.";C5)

2. The report should take the balances of four different companies. If I create a GL or NL formula I just have the possibiliti to choose one company. Is it possible to select more than one company in one formula or did I have to do it like this:

=NL("Summe";"GLEntry";"Amount";"Company=";C7;"Posting Date";F8;"Account No.";C5)&NL("Summe";"GLEntry";"Amount";"Company=";C8;"Posting Date";F8;"Account No.";C5)

Thanks for your help!


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