#Value Error Question

Hi all. I did a search and couldn't find any other instances of this particular situation in the forums, so I apologize ahead of time if I missed it.

We have 7 computers running in our department, and all of them have JetEssentials installed and configured for the users. Six of those computers have Windows 7, MS Office, and JetEssentials 2013 32-bit installed on them. The newest one has Windows 7, MS Office, and JetEssentials 2013 64-bit installed. I have a report that we have been using on the 32-bit machines without any problems for at least a year. From an unposted AP Invoice header, it pulls the vendor information with the City, State, and Zip code in the same cell. When we run the report on any of the 32-bit machines, the information comes into the report fine. When we run it on the 64-bit machine, it returns a #VALUE in that cell and throws the error that the "Buy-from State" field is invalid. Is there something different about the 64-bit version that won't let JetFunctions be combined this way?

I've attached a snip of the section of the report in question and its associated formula. Any suggestions as to how to fix it would be greatly appreciated!


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