Referenced dimensions and visibility of dimensions

I have a dimension that I use as a referenced dimension in the cube. The dimension has 2 key fields and thus must the dimension that it is referenced to have an attribute that also has two key fields. The order of these key fields in both dimension attributes must be the same otherwise there will be no result. The order of the key fields however can not be controlled in Jet Data Manager. The order is always alphabetical. In the Business Intelligence Development Studio (BIDS), which is a part of Visual Studio, the wanted order can be set.
I moved around this problem by adding in both tables in the data warehouse a field that concatenates both fiels in the order required and use this field as the key field. A workaround so to speak.

Another functionality for the cube, that is missing, is that a dimension can not be made invisible. You might have a dimension that only serves as an intermediate dimension. A dimension that is referenced to by other dimension, but does not hold any attributes that need to be exposed.
Making a dimension invisible is possible in BIDS.


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