Combining multiple Filters with a logical OR within an NL

Hello everyone,

i am a a bit new to JetReports, and ran into a problem, which maybe you could help me with.

Currently using Jet Reports 7.12, connected to Navision 5.0

My problem is combining filters from different fields with a logical OR (instead of AND) within my NL function.

We are evaluating our course leaders, and save the results as values to a table in Navision.
Now i want to select all course leaders from this table, which have exceeded a certain value.
The problem is, that i have multiple fields with values, and i want to select all course leaders, that reached certain values in Field 1 OR Field 2 OR Field 3.

So far, as a test, i built a function that selects all course leaders that reached a certain value in ALL of the fields (normal AND operation in NL)


This works, but is not what i wanted, since i want to select everyone who has reached the value in either of the three fields.
How can i connect these 3 Filterfields with a logical OR?

I tried messing around with NP(Union) or NL(Filter), but found no real good documentation that explained it well or showed some usable examples.
I found some threads dealing with problems similar to mine on this board, but trying to recreate the functions giving there and adjusting them to
my tables/fields didn't work at all.

Could you fill me in with a clue or two, how to approach this problem?
Thanks in advance!


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