Multiple sheets funny

Hi all,

I've created a report that has an option to look at multiple companies. Each company is returned as a separate sheet. Within each company sheet is an NL(rows) function with a return limit (these are sorted on a sum).

If I run the report for one or two companies it works fine. Anything more and only the first and last sheets return up to the limit with the sheets in between only returning one or two records. If I run the report for only one/two companies using the companies that on the full report only return 1/2 records it works fine?

Just in case I've done something daft the sum/sort and NL functions are below:
Cell E5 (sum/sort)
="+=NL(""Sum"",""SubContractor Ledger Entry"",""Value of Work (Movement)"",""Sub-contractor No."",NF(,""No.""),""Posting Date"",D3,""Document Type"",""Valuation"",0,C3)"
NL(Rows) with limit
Any pointers would be gratefully received!

Running version 5.2.8




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