Detailed Trial Balance

Ok, I have to be overthinking this or something because I simply can't get a report to run for a detailed trial balance. What I need is a trial balance with the following columns so that our auditors can import the information into their software:

Account Number
Cost Center (Global Dimension 1)

We want a separate row for each combination of Account Number, Fund, and Global Dimension 1, but we only want that combination to show up if there is activity for it over the specified time period. Doesn't that mean I have to return information based on the GL Entry table?

Unfortunately, I have a problem with memory use because I have a 32 bit version of Windows 7/Office 2010, so if I set it up the way I think it should be (attached, but not pretty), it spins for about 20 minutes, runs out of memory, and restarts excel. Very frustrating. :|

Does anyone have a better solution or have any idea how to make this work more efficiently?

We are running NAV 5.0 SP1

Any suggestions are appreciated!


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