Table not found error when deploying cube or dimension

Using Jet Data Manager I am encountering table not found errors when I try to deploy a new cube or dimension.

Table 'Sales_Service_V' was not found in the data source view.

The most likely cause is that deployment is needed on the data warehouse.

I'm trying to add new SQL Server data to an existing OLAP Server, JetNavOlap. This is data present on the SQL Server that I've been able to successfully deploy and execute to/from JetNavStage–> JetNavDwh, and was able to deploy to a cube in an entirely new Olap server in the same project.

However I wish to have this sales information cube in the existing JetNavOlap server. When I try to deploy the same cube or dimension (bottom part of the screen), both parts fail with the above error:

I've deployed repeatedly from the data side, can see the data in the staging and warehouse, and even removed all of the staging data and added it back in with a different name. A 2nd cube also fails. Both worked in the standalone cube on the same server. Everything has been done using a Jet admin login, via a remote desktop connection.

The table Sales_Service_V is physically present in the JetNavDwh database.

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