No formulae in Design Mode

Hello, one of our end-of-month reports has suddenly stopped working for reasons unknown. I have searched this forum to no avail, so here is a post about it.

First: we are using Jet 7.1.2 together with MS Navision 4 sp1 - some rather dated technology I know.

Second: This report is probably about 10 years old and had only incremental changes since.

The problem is that no formulae show in Design Mode - only their values from Report Mode. So where before there were NL record keys, there is only the text output: <"Data Source","Navision Company","G/L Account","17020">. The cells of GLs similarly show just the values.

In case it matters,the purpose of the report is to show a company's P&L, with a different worksheet for each Department/Global Dimension 1.

The other unusual thing about this report is that cell A1 in every worksheet contains this text: "Auto+Hide+Lock+Formulas=Sheet78,Sheet79,Sheet80". This is what is on the "General" worksheet; on the subsequent worksheets the sheet numbers have all incremented up by one. I cannot find any reference online or in the help to a report viewer mode of "+formulas". Is this something that has been removed from Jet? But if it has been removed, that would not explain why this report worked last month with our ~7 year old software, but not this month on the same.

Thanks in advance for any help. I have told the accountant concerned to be ready make some time over the Christmas lull to re-write the report from scratch, just in case. :twisted:

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