Sorting Som Function + Adding extra information

I am creating a Jet Reports which gives insight in de sales of our top clients.
The sales of each client is reported on a one worksheet. The sales are split per month of the year 2013.

So I get an excel document with 40 worksheets looking like

Customerno. Name

artikel No. product name jan-13 feb-13 …… Total jan'14 Forecast Jan'14
1 Prod X 2 3 5
2 Prod Y 0 6 6

The column total has the following function:
=NL("Som";"Verkoopfactuurregel";"Aantal (Basis)";"Nr.";$D21;"Orderklantnr.";$D$18;"Verzenddatum";D$10)
In need the function to be sorted, so the largest total is on top.
Is this possible?

I also want to add a forecast on each worksheet, this forecast is different for each customer. Is this possible, because when you renew the report, all the added information is deleted.

I hope I explained my question clearly and some-one can help me.


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