Can't get sort by sum to work with a limit


I'm trying to do a Top __ Customers by Salesrep report. My main rows formula is this:

=NL("Rows","Customer",,"Salesperson Code",$C$4,"No.",$C$5,$P8,"*","Limit=",$C$6)

Cell P8 contains my sum formula which is:

="-=NL(""Sum"",""Customer"",""Sales (LCY)"",""Date Filter"",$C$2,""No."",NF(,""No.""))-NL(""Sum"",""Customer"",""Sales (LCY)"",""Date Filter"",$C$3,""No."",NF(,""No.""))"

I'm taking the difference of the sum of sales between 2 date ranges and I want it to sort by that difference and only return the top 5. When I put in 5 for my limit it doesn't sort it. When I put in * for the limit it correctly sorts the results by the sum formula. Anyone know why it doesn't work with the limit?


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