Pivot Table Reference Issue

Hello members,

I have created a Jet report using the Jfx i.e. NL("Rows") function. I am using this function to pull data from multiple tables.

For grouping and showing summary, I have used the standard excel Pivot functionality.

After clicking on the Report/Refresh, the report is executes and shows the output. I then, set the pivot to refer to a range of rows & columns.

But, when I refresh the report, the pivot cell references are lost and it points to the header(first row) and the next data row.

I am not sure how to retain the cell references of pivot. I read a few posts in the forum mentioning that the pivot does not loose reference if we create report using table builder. But, reports created through Jfx have pivot reference issues.

I am not sure if I am missing out on something ?

Thanks in advance for the help !


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