Collecting Bulk data from MS Dynamics NAV

Hi there,

I've used Jet Reports for several years now and I'm starting to run into some issues that I haven't experienced much before.

Our business primary leases appartments and houses to private persons. I have created a report that collects the monthly turnover from these leases into an Excel report through Jet Reports. The problem is that if I make a list of all the leases that have been posted in MS Dynamics NAV the list is too long (approx. 5.000 lines each month) and Excel (or Jet?) crashes. I've tried using the NL(SUM) formula and although it works, I need several of these formulas (as in Leases per category etc.) and again Excel crashes after Jet has been running for approx. 20 minutes.

Has anyone experienced this problem before? Is there some kind of data "cap" on what Jet Reports can handle? Does anyone have some kind of ideas how I can retrieve a lot of data from MS Dynamics NAV through Jet Reports?

Thank you very much for any help.


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