Backdate Customers with Credit Balance

Good Day all,

I am using NAV 2016.
I am trying to retrieve just a single total balance for all customers with a credit balance.
The issue comes in that i need to backdate the report from time to time to see what the "Total Credit Balance" was say month end 3 months ago so i cant just get all customers with a credit balance from the customer table - i have to use the Detailed customer ledger entries and apply filters somehow.

The following formula seems to work with normal aging to back date the report but i am not sure how to apply the back dating logic to retrieve the total credit balances at that time.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

=NL("Sum","Detailed Cust. Ledg. Entry","Amount (LCY)","Posting Date",$C$5,"Link=","Cust. Ledger Entry","Entry No.","=Cust. Ledger Entry No.","Posting Date",C$5)

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