Combining 2 of 3 Segments

I have a report I'm working on where all the rows and columns are the same rows are referencing segment 1 and the values on the sheet are a sum of segment 2 and segment 3.  The issue occurs when I'm trying to replicate when I have mix matching segments.

Meaning if I have Segment 2 being 1000|1001|1002 & segment 3 is 10 then I'm fine, but if its like *-1000-10|*-1001-10|*-1002-25 then I can't present the segments 2 & 3 together and I need to have them compile into an account string.  (Or that is my thought at least)

Is there a way to combine these segment searches?  Ideally, I'd like some sort of segment combiner where I can still reference segment 1, but then have it look at the combined segment 2 and 3.

If I have to string them all together as individual accounts does anyone have a formula they have used to combine them?  I have strings, ranges, etc.

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