TB by Dimension - excluding combos resulting in £nil

Good day,

I'm a little new to Jet and trying to create a trial balance by dimension in order for Management to start analysing information properly. This is the first time we as a business has split our business into business units and also introduced cost centres.

I managed to create a trial balance by these two dimensions but the result is an epic 4000 row trial balance due to the sheer volume of £nil balances with the various combos. This file takes roughly 25 minutes to generate and so not ideal when crunch time around month end but also quite unwieldly to put into the management reporting pack.

Could someone please help explain how this can be achieved?

The formula I currently have is as follows: =NL("Sum","G/L Entry","Amount","G/L Account No.",$D11,"Posting Date",H$5,"BU Code",$E11,"Dept Code",$F11,"Amount","<>0")

For reference, the BU code is Global Dimension 2 and the Departments are Shortcut Dimension 3. Not sure if that is required for any assistance. 


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