SQL+ Function to get last record

Good morning, I hoping someone can help get the last record from a table via Universal connection for Oracle using the sql= function

I'm trying to get the fourth line Exp_Date for this record which is blank(null).  I tried this function first =NL("last","sql=SELECT EXP_DATE FROM MBR_PLAN WHERE %FILTER1%","EXP_DATE","DataSource=","ODW","1S=SSN",$G11)

and it returns the 3rd record of 12/31/17.

When I tried =NL("last","sql=SELECT EXP_DATE FROM MBR_PLAN JOIN MEMBER ON MBR_PLAN.SSN=MEMBER.SSN WHERE %FILTER1% %FILTER2%","EXP_DATE","DataSource=","ODW","1S=SSN",$G11,"2S=MEMBER",$J11). It says SQL command not properly ended. I'm not sure if I'm missing a comma or WHERE statement by the %FILTER1%.



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