NL Statement Runs for 1 Sec Produces no Results - but does not error

Hi I am new to Jet and had some help constructing this statement - not sure if there is a cell reference format error or what.  I am trying to find Item No.'s for a vendor (option) where the sum of quantity sold is <= (user option) for a certain date range (user option).

My statement runs for 1 sec and produces no results when I know there are items with these parameters.

NL("rows","item","No.","Vendor No.","$C$4","+=NL(""sum"",""Item Ledger Entry"",""Quantity"",""Entry Type"",""Sale"",""Posting Date"", ""$C$6"",""Item No."",NL(""Filter"",""Item"",""No."",""vendor No."",NF(,""vendor No."")))",$C$7)

Can anyone see what's wrong with my statement?  Any help would be appreciated!


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