Using 2 NL Filter Arguments

Hi I have tried to use two NL Filter arguments as my statement is supposed to produce ANY item where the quantity sold is less than (user option)(100). But my original statement was only producing results where the whole vendor sales were less than 100 (quantity sold)

Can you please see what I am doing wrong?

=NL("rows","item","No.","+Vendor No.",$C$4,"Blocked","False","+=NL(""sum"",""Item Ledger Entry"",""Quantity"",""Item No."", """&C$8&""",""Document Type"",""Sales Shipment"",""Posting Date"", """"&$C$6&"""",""Item No."",NL(""Filter"",""Item"",""No."",""vendor No."",""@@""&NF(,""vendor No.""),NL(""Filter"",""Item"",""No."",""No."","""&$C$8&""")))","NUMBER&>="&$C$7)

Sorry totally new to this!


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