Hello everyone, 

I need your help.

I have 3 tables to join in Jet report with some filters.

The primary key is different in each table but this is what we need to know about them through my SQL script:

SELECT vm.[No_] AS NoProduit, a.[Name] AS Attributename, av.[Value] AS AttributeValue

FROM [dbo].[Tests Unitaires - Logistique$Item Attribute Value Mapping] vm

INNER JOIN [dbo].[Tests Unitaires - Logistique$Item Attribute] a

ON vm.[Item Attribute ID] = a.ID 

INNER JOIN [dbo].[Tests Unitaires - Logistique$Item Attribute Value] av

ON vm.[Item Attribute Value ID] = av.ID AND av.[Attribute ID] = a.ID

WHERE [Table ID] = 27

       AND vm.[No_] <> ''


i dont know how to do it on jet report.

Thank you for your help.




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