Jet showing NAV Time fields incorrectly



i was originally going to post a question about howto get NAV time fields to not show the date, since it always shows up as today's date. 


However, while using test data....i noticed the data is wrong. has anyone had this happen to them? I know these are DateTime fields in SQL, so is that what is causing the issue? 


when i look at the test data, every single starting time is incorrect. for reference/troubleshooting i removed everything and made a simple NL Rows and an NF for the starting time and am listing them below. 

B2 =NL("Rows","Capacity Ledger Entry")

=NF($B2,"Starting Time")

very simple. 

i've tried changing the format, setting it to general, time, custom (h:mm) and no matter what, every single entry is the wrong time.

has anyone run into this before? 



EDIT:: i did notice that every value is off by exactly 4 hours.








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