Data Warehouse Security

With regards to the Data Warehouse Security that is explained in this article...


...would anyone know the answer to the following:

1. When this security is implemented on a DW table that is used as a data source in a Jet Report, do I need to change the Jet formulas to point to the new secured view instead of the original table, or does Jet automatically handle that at runtime?  For example, if my original table is "Financials" and my current formula is =NL("Sum","Financials"...) and the secured view is "Financials_SV" do I need to change the formula to =NL("Sum","Financials_SV"...) for the security settings to be effective?

2. Would this security configuration work even though we use Jet Centralized Settings, and so users are connecting to the shared data sources via the Jet Service Tier, which uses a single SQL database service account for authentication and not Windows authentication (i.e., the individual users do not have SQL logins)?


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