Jet Portal - Batch Scheduling

Hello all, I'm a seasoned user of Jet Reports - but have only just gotten permission to have the Jet Web Portal installed.  Our IT team is working on that, and things seem to be moving smoothly.  But I found a few questions:

1. Is Batch Scheduling possible using the Web Portal?  I've come to like using this feature, if for no other reason than the ability to define a name for the output report.  

Our goal for the Web Portal is to move several reports that I run for our sales team onto the portal and allow them to run on demand.  I want to simplify things so they can run and download a report and have the customer name and report period included in the file name.

2. some of my report options use things like Data Validation cells to prevent someone from entering data that won't let the report work.  The in-cell drop-down does not seem to be available when I upload these to test on the portal.  Is there anyway I can make this or something similar work?


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