Use of Jet Report- Dimension Set Entry Link with G/L Entry Table

I am trying to Connect G/L Entry with the Dimension Set Entry table so that user can filter combination of dimensions . 

I tried linking the table with multiple combination 

LINK="Dimension Set Entry"

Dimension Set ID =Dimension SET ID

Dimension Code="Dimension1"

Dimension Value Code =*

It is working fine but if I have to filter more than 1 dimension and since only 10 filters can be used so iam trying to use special FILTER= Command. When iam running it , it is not showing any error but showing the total value without applying any filter.

=NL("SUM","G/L ENTRY","Amount","G/L Account No.",E9,"Link=","Dimension Set Entry","Dimension Set ID","=Dimension Set ID","Filters=",Options!F5:G10)

EXCEL Range Cell values 

F5-Dimension Code
F6-Dimension Value Code
G7-Dimension Set Entry
F8-Dimension Set ID
G8-Dimension Set ID
F9-Dimension Code
F10-Dimension Value Code

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