Sum of Top 10 Sales for Each Day


I want to obtain daily top 10 sales data to plot a chart with to get a trend over particular months.  I tried starting off by attempting to sum one day's top 10 sales but have already fallen over the first hurdle.  My formula looks like this:

=NL("Sum","Sales Invoice Line","Amount","Posting Date","01/03/19","-Amount","*","Limit=","10")

This creates an error:

"Specifying a limit is not allowed when performing a sum."

Is it therefore actually possible to calculate the sum of the largest 10 sales each day?  Following on from that, is it also then possible to do this for each day over the course of a month? I.e. Sum of top 10 for 1st, Sum of top 10 for 2nd and so forth?

Many thanks in advance for any assistance.



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