How to Get Prod Order Line Qty linked to Prod Order Header with Finished Date

I'm new to Jet Reports and hope someone can help with a simple calculation.

I want to find different item type on Prod Order Lines but only on a specific date using the Finished Date in the Prod Order Header

I can count the number of Production Orders finished on specific date using the below

=NL("Count","Production Order",,"Status","Finished","Finished Date",Settings!E6)

To find the item type on line level I am currently using Ending Date field(as below) but our operatives are not changing the ending date to suit the finished date. They are leaving it as calculated by NAV 2017 but they are often finishing early or late so the dates don't match.

=NL("Sum","Prod. Order Line","Quantity","Detailed Item Type","cylinder","Ending Date",Settings!E6,"Status","Finished")


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