Quantity on Hand less than NL Sum

Hi I am trying to figure out how to run a filter to check for shortages based on specific orders.  I cannot use quantity on hand < quantity on sales order as I want to filter the sales orders to specific ones based on our field "your reference".  I managed to create this statement, and it runs but it does not populate any fields on my report it just returns "invalid filter' "statement is false" or "statement is true"

What I want is a list of the item numbers on a sales order where the quantity on hand is less than the quantity on sales order - filtered by location and your reference fields.

Here is my statement:

=NL("rows","Stockkeeping Unit","Item No.","Location Code",$C$5,"Quantity on Hand",""<"""NL(""Sum"",""Sales Line"",""Quantity"",""No."",""NF(,""No."")"",""Link="",""Sales Header"",""No."",""=Document No."",""Your Reference"","""&$C$6&""",""Location Code"","""&$C$5&"""))","Link=","Sales Line","Location Code","=Location Code","No.","=Item No.","Type","Item","Document No.",$C$4)


Can anyone please help?  This is quite difficult to sort out!






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