Records with starting date/starting time and ending date/time in a date range

Hello, I've been working on jet reports for a long time, but I can not get any further here

I need the capacity ledger entries that are in a time interval with their start date and end date. The time interval consists of start date and start time as well as end date and end time.
All capacity ledger entries whose ending date and ending time are after the starting date and starting time of the filter and whose starting date and starting time begin before the ending date and ending time of the filter should be taken into account..
It should be noted that the ending and starting dates of the capacity ledger entries represent only a time an not a date. So the posting date of the entries must be taken into account.
In the sample data, records are filtered out which have no starting date and ending date.Only entries are relevant that have starting and ending dates.

Filter (example)
Starting date 09.04.19
Starting time 03:30
ending date 10.04.19
ending time 07:30
Period: 09.04.19 03:30..10.04.19 07:30 

The result should be the yellow marked area in the register "sample data"

Sample Data

Thank you very much in advance for your help



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