Multiple Sum Products


Fairly new to Jet Reports and have encountered a problem doing a large calculation.

I am trying to calculate the total value of goods shipped on a weekly basis for the past 4 years. 

I have the following function in place, where D7 contains an NF("DateFilter") for each week.

=NL("Sum","Sales Shipment Line","=NF(,""Quantity"")*NF(,""Unit Price"")","Shipment Date",D7,"Order No.","SO*")

I don't believe a total amount for shipments exists in the Sales Shipment Header so I am searching through the lines and multiplying the Quantity and Unit Price. 

The function works but is asking to calculate 208 of these functions and we are looking to do this for 6 different branches. Ideally we'd like them in the same workbook and therefore that is over 1200 of these calculations. I'm getting an error message "Attempted to read or write protected memory".

Is there a way I can simplify this calculation?







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