Using the results from rows replication used in another rows replicator

I’m working on a budget report and need to pull the active global dimensions 2 (Budgeting code) code values from two different tables (Version Line Detail & G/L Entry) to populate rows functions in my calculated rows. 

My original formula (K47 below) only brought in the “Budget code” from the budget module table Version Line Detail.

In K47 =NL("Rows","Version Line Detail","Budgeting Code","0",$D$13,"Date",$D$12,"Fund No.",$D$14,"Department Code",$I30,"Budgeting Code",$D$15,"G/L Account No.",$F30,"Agreement Code","*")

So I wrote these two formulas (used in K25-K38) which isolate the needed code values from the two tables but I can’t figure out how to rewrite the original formula to use the new budgeting code values in the rows function.

=NL("Rows","Version Line Detail","Budgeting Code","0",$D$13,"Date",$D$12,"Fund No.",$D$14,"Department Code",$D17,"Budgeting Code",$D$15,"G/L Account No.",$F25,"Agreement Code","*")

=NL("Rows","G/L Entry","Budgeting Code","0",$D$13,"Posting Date",$D$12,"Fund No.",$D$14,"Department Code",$D17,"Budgeting Code",$D$15,"G/L Account No.",$F26,"Agreement Code","*")

I tried TexJoin(“}”,,K25:26) (in E40 below) on the results of the two formulas below, but since the row replication happens prior to textjoin function, the report fails.  Is it possible to write a formula to use the rows results shown in k25-k38 in another rows replication function in row 47?

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