G/L Entries by Purch. Inv. Lines

Dear All,

We are using Table Builder to create a report that fetches G/L Entries and shows the associated Purch. Inv. Lines. We have been able to achieve this with the exception that the report returns only the top Line of the associated Posted Purchase Invoice.


We are using Document No. to link G/L Entry to Purch. Inv. Lines.

We are fully aware that the system creates the total G/L Entry per the Document rather than multiple sets of G/L Entries based on the Purchase Invoice Lines. Yet, we are hoping to get some useful insights from the community to move ahead and do the necessary changes to achieve our goal. Thank you.

PS Here is the link to the save Table Builder and the current Report (the issues are highlighted in yellow): https://www.dropbox.com/sh/nju5pxyinal3q8a/AAAdpx1kqzMp3_-Do5Ptbfgza?dl=0

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