Data Source Table & Field Names Changed

Hi everyone, I have been working the last few weeks on upgrading & migrating my Jet Analytics database/system to a new server. We upgraded from V14 to V19 and I am migrating from Server 2008r2 to Server 2012 r2 standard. We are using Sql server 2012 SP4. I went through all of the migration steps, set proper permissions, verified all my data sources, Stage, DWH & OLAP connections and began to work through the deploy and execute steps on the new server. In the midst of this I began seeing some errors due to some table name changes. You will see in the attachment how it is reading it from the data source now vs what it was (old is at the top, new is at the bottom). The data source also changed some field names (What was 'PO' changed to 'Commitment'), which I didn't realize until I did a synchronize and it told me it had removed fields. So, I went back to a previous version (thank you JDM), used the Advanced - Rename Original Table Name and Rename Original Field Name, re-synchronized and all seems to be deploying & executing correctly now (in the middle of full execute).

My main questin here is what is going on? It didn't do this to me when I upgraded on the old server 2008 from v14 to v19 and I've verified that I did not do the Rename Original Table name function on the old server. JDM versions are same as well as SQL server versions. Is this possibly an ODBC change from 2008 to 2012 server? I am forced to using 32 bit ODBC setup for 2 of my data sources because that's what they are. That's the only other thing I can think of that could possibly cause this. Again, I seem to have skirted the issue and this is really for my own knowledge, but I'd like to know I'm not heading into another pitfall.

Thank you for any information anybody might be able to provide.


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