Upgrading Jet / Speed Issues

I'm currently on version 2013 of Jet Reports and looking to upgrade to a more up-to-date version while I have the chance. I've been doing some testing on v18 through to v20 and am finding that opening complex reports can take ages. One of our most complicated reports was still "calculating" after 30 minutes after which I cancelled.
This particular report has various NL(Rows) in multiple columns as it requires data from lots of different areas (Job, Job Ledger Entries, Billings, CVR tables, etc.). It also contains macros which pull data in from SQL into a couple of data tables, these are then used as lookups because Jet can't cope with the amount of data that it needs to scan (millions of rows).

I logged this with support and they say I should have no more than one NL(Row) in each row, which I think is quite extraordinary. How else do you extract data from more than one table on a single row?

It's strange that the later versions appear not to perform as well as the older versions. I'd appreciate any suggestions you may have regarding this.




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