Linking forwards, linking back

Hi all,

I have an interesting problem that I can't seem to make work. I am wanting to find the quantity of an item shipped in the Sales Invoice Line, but based on the Shipment Date in the Sales Invoice Header. The commonality is the document number.


1st, easiest solution: Make two tables, combine.

2nd, harder solution: goal is to get a value to appear in the cell.


Function attempt: =NL("Sum","Sales Invoice Line","Quantity","Link=","Sales Invoice Header","No.","=Document No.","Shipment Date",$AA$1,"Link=","Sales Invoice Line","Document No.","=No.","Item No.",$D$7,"Location Code","WE")


In my head, this links the table to grab the shipment date, then we link back to grab the item number and location code, because the item number doesn't exist in the sales invoice header. Returns a monstrous number which tells me that it's summing up everything in the sales invoice header, and not on some select item number that we care about.

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